If you are in possession of the Amiibo Animal Crossing used on the Wii U and 3DS, you will be pleased to know that they can also be used on the Animal Crossing New Horizons for the Switch. In this mini-guide will explain how to unlock them, and what they are in a new chapter of the management Console.

In Animal Crossing New Horizons, the Amiibo have two utilities: allow you to welcome new guests in your island, and to make new shots in the mode Fotopia. Before using the Amiibo, however, you need to unlock them inside the game: let’s see how to do it.

How to unlock and use the Amiibo to welcome new guests

Once unlocked, the option to welcome new guests using the Amiibo can be found at the Point Nook this in the Service Centre, where you can purchase upgrades to expand the inventory. After you have selected the option, you just tap the Amiibo to the Joy-With the right (or the right end of the Switch Lite) as you do for other games.

If the option is not present, it means that still you have not unlocked and that you have to do to progress further in the island. In particular, the option will be unlocked when the tent will become a building, and your island will be fully developed.

Not all of the Amiibo can be used to receive new guests: the characters that may not become residents simply will not work, and the characters already present on the island could give rise to a funny scene.

How to unlock and use the Amiibo to the mode Fotopia

This function will be available as soon as you can access theisland of Harv. At this point you just need to enter the building Fotopia , and then press the D-Pad to access the screen where you can arrange the room. In this screen, you can tap an Amiibo. By doing so, that character will appear in the set Fotopia, and will be able to pose for the shots.

The use of Amiibo to the picture is unlocked at the same time that visit for the first time the island of Harv. Keep an eye on the dog: probably you will present for a visit to your island within the first week. Speak with him to unlock the function.

Most of the Amiibo brand Animal Crossing can be used in this mode, including the cards. Each Amiibo will evoke characters or objects in the scene mode Fotopia.

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