Towards the end of 2017, Campo Santo revealed his In the Valley of Gods at The Game Awards. The game promised to blend the excellent design of the narrative of the study with the adventurous spirit of Indiana Jones. The title was in development phase when Valve acquired the Campo Santo, but later the work was suspended while the members of the team went on to work on other projects, including Half-Life: Gun.

But if you were hoping that the launch of Half-Life: Gun it meant the resumption, for In the Valley of Gods, you might be disappointed. As stated by Chris Remo – the former Campo Santo – in the interview with PCGamesN Valve, In the Valley of Gods is still “on hold”, awaiting for the moment”.

Remo said, “Something that we have discovered with time was that Valve is a place with many teams, many projects, and a lot happens within the company.”

“There was never a moment or a decision in particular, but people have started to work on other projects here on the farm. I worked a bit on the Underlords. I have worked on Half-Life: Gun. At the end we have come to a conclusion as a team, telling us, ‘Oh, it seems that we are all working on other things at this time. We put this thing on hold for a bit, and we discover over time what it would be like’.”

Last December, when it was confirmed the suspension of the works on In the Valley of Gods, is the co-founder of Campo Santo, Jake Rudkin, said that “certainly looks like a project on which you can return. And when it will happen, we will find an exciting way to make it known to the fans”.

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Source: PCGamesN.