The month of march 2020 and has represented an important turning point in the race for next-gen. With the advent of spring they are, in fact, received a lot of information, including unpublished official details on the technical characteristics of PS5.

At the end of the presentation of the same seal by Mark Cerny, many players in the industry have expressed some comments on the architecture of the next Sony console. Among these figure also Kurt Margenau, co-Game Director of The Last of Us Part 2 and Game Director of Uncharted: The Lost Legacy. From the pages of their official Twitter account, the veteran Naughty Dog has shared some thoughts in the form of chirping, which can be seen directly in the bottom of this news.

Referring to the SSD PlayStation 5, Margenau writes: “The people do not even imagine how great will be the jump in terms of game design, in particular for studies First Party, which does not need to develop thinking to the lowest common denominator. By far the greatest advancement in my career. I can’t wait”. The words used have predictably brought the audience to wonder if something is already boiling in a pot for next-gen at the software house. A theme on which the Director has, however, closed immediately communications: “a Duty to: no, I’m not alluding to anything on which Naughty Dog is working, only the reflections on those numbers”.