While the universe of Fortnite Real Battle receive the update 12.21, two famous streamer active on the battle royale of Epic Games, return to comment on the contrast to the stream sniping.

The theme is strongly felt within the competitive sector of the battle royale, with this expression, it indicates the practice to take advantage of the direct streaming of a player to identify the location within the map. Despite the initiatives undertaken in the past by the software house, the two well-known content creator Tyler “Ninja” Blevins and Wings “SypherPK” is Hassan still complain that problems on this front.

Discussing stream spining in Fortnite: Battle Royal, the second he suggested a possible solution to counter the persistence of the phenomenon. According to SypherPK, rather than to report an opponent’s suspicion through the proper reporting system, a player should be able to automatically prevent the user to access his or her games for a period of 30 days, renewable. Agree, in principle, also Ninja, that would however limit the functionality only to the streamer, in order to avoid that the most skilled players will be penalized with a ban on the part of opponents defeated in a lawful.

In Fortnite: Real Battle has been for some time active the Season 2 of free-to-play. Among the various activities currently available, the players can devote themselves to recuperp of Coins and XP.