According to a former designer of Sony, “the difference of power” between PS5 and Xbox Series X “rather stunning”.

Chris Grannell, who worked on Killzone 2 and WipeOut, and he claimed to have spoken with multiple developers, and these discussions have confirmed that the platform of Microsoft will be more powerful than the PlayStation of the new generation.

“I’ve talked with some developers and they have confirmed that the power difference is quite staggering,” said Grannell on Twitter.

“However, it does not mean that you can make good games on the PS5,” he added. “These fanboys obviously don’t care about, and are greatly upset.”

Xbox Series X will feature approximately two teraflops compared to PS5, in spite of this, reports have stated that the PlayStation 5 has an optimization better overall, and a faster SSD, which would make it the best choice for developers.

The?’ve chatted to a few devs and they have confirmed the power difference is quite incident. However they have said it doesn?t mean you can?t make good games on the PS5. These fanboys clearly don?t care about that and are massively rattled.

— Chris Grannell (@CJGrannell) March 22, 2020

The journalist of Kotaku, Jason Schreier, has reported that several development sources have confirmed PS5 as the console is “superior” in “many different ways” outside of the simple count of teraflops.

According to the well-known journalist, however, the developers would be disappointed as Sony has sent the message PlayStation 5, since the general perception is that the Xbox Series X is better overall.

The former marketing director of Xbox, Albert Penello did not focus on the specific in his most recent comment, arguing that, with this amount of power, if PS5 were to cost around $ 399, it would still be a big deal.

Considering this gap in terms of pure power, there is the possibility that Sony could point to a console that is more accessible to a wider audience.

In related news, another developer believes that the SSD PS5 will make the difference more graphics power.

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Source: Gamepur.