After the reveal of the specs of the PS5 and Xbox Series X the discussion of the community came alive. Fans, journalists, industry insiders, and developers are commenting on what has been revealed by Sony and Microsoft. Between developers, in particular, we find someone particularly enthusiastic about the SSD PS5.

Jason Nuyens, co-founder of Breakfall, believes that the SSD will make the difference more graphics power, from a creative point of view.

“The SSD represent the real change in next-gen. A fast disk is what I want most and would sacrifice the power of the GPU while having it. The faster, the better.”

“The SSD in the Xbox Series the X seems pretty fast, but maybe not so much to make me dream. To PS5, however, seems to be so fast that it make me imagine how it would be to design games without bottlenecks with regard to the transfer of the data.”

“I love when a hardware is able to make me think about new possibilities. I personally don’t enthusiasm with higher resolutions and for a GPU the 15% more powerful, even if in the past, I am delighted to work with shaders and rendering.”


According to the developer, and then, the SSD of PS5, which is said to be very fast, and will offer the opportunity to make experiences at all new, something that Jason Nuyens believes it is more important to graphics power.

What do you think?

Source: Resetera.