As we already reported, the eSerie To Tim for FIFA 20, and PES 2020 has been suspended due to the emergency Coronavirus. In any case, the show continued thanks to the initiative of Everybody Plays Home.

The club of the eSerie TIM are organising events and online activities involving its professional players, committed to competing in show games or friendly tournaments against the champions of other teams. All interested can follow the matches on the Youtube channel of the eSerie TO TIM, while the schedule of meetings is communicated regularly on the social channels of the Lega Serie A, including Twitter and Facebook.

These days you have already played the match, which you can find on YouTube. On FIFA 20 have been played ACF Fiorentina Esports – Inter and QLASH – Atalanta Esports, while on PES 2020 was held on Inter-QLASH. You can find the replicas that are attached to this news, we suggest that you continue to follow the social channels of the Lega Serie A to know all the details of upcoming events.