Sony and Microsoft have started to talk about their hardware in next-generation and although some features have already been made known (backward compatibility, support for the resolution 8K, solid-state drive for faster load times), both companies still have many details to reveal.

These features are surely interesting from the point of view of marketing, but what is it that players find very important? has also contributed a series of questions to the survey on consumers carried out by GameTrack of ISFE and IPSOS MORI on the public’s perception of the characteristics of the next-gen consoles, and questions that were delivered to a representative sample of 8000 players between the ages of 11 and 64 years throughout the United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, France and Italy.

The “better graphics” is considered to be fundamental in the european markets, with 68% of players interviewed that consider it to be important. Only console gamers, this figure rises to 78%.

2To the left is the design of the dev kits PS5, and to the right that the official Xbox One Series X.

The only other feature that can come close to that level of consensus is the “loading time less than in digital games”. 63% of the players interviewed considered it to be an important factor, which rises to 71% among the console gamers.

Despite the emphasis on graphics, “the graphics and resolution on 8K” is not considered important, as are other features. 40% of the players interviewed considered the support to 8K important for the new console generation. That number has reached 49% for console gamers, but in both groups achieved less points of the “motion controls”, of the “backward compatibility” and “the possibility of playing games on physical media”.

These three features have affected about half of the respondents. The motion controls are important for the 49% of the players, with 57% of the console gamers. The backwards compatibility for the 48% of the respondents, with 59% of the console gamers. Physical games are important for 47% of the participants, but the figure rises to 58% for the players on console.

1Although streaming is widely considered to be the field of the battle of the next gen, respondents attach more importance to the physical media of the games.

A little below these three features, coming in on the figures in the resolution 8K, we find “the ability to broadcast games streaming” and “app is not aimed at gaming”. Streaming of games is important for the 44% of the players surveyed, 51% of console gamers, while the app non-gaming are considered important respectively by 41% and 52% of these two groups.

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Instead, as regards the characteristics that have less importance for gamers, we have the “compatibility with virtual reality” and “possibility to play in portable mode”. Virtual reality is important for 37% of the players surveyed, while the portable mode to the 38%. As regards in particular the console gamers, the VR is important for 43%, while the laptop mode has reached 45%.

GameTrack has also divided the answers for the Country, showing some interesting deviations from the norm. For example, the gamers, the germans are less likely to take account of the significant features in almost all cases. Less than 30% of German participants consider the VR important, while the laptop mode is only important for 24% of the players.

On the other hand, players in the Uk have attributed greater importance to each of the feature compared to the results obtained in five different european markets, in particular as regards the possibility of streammare games (with 58% of the uk players that he considers this major feature, coming in just 14 points above the european results), and the app non-gaming (with a leap of 11 percentage points, up to 52% as against 41% of europeans).

You can get more information on the survey of GameTruck here.