The advent of Christmas, as is traditional, it also means The Game Awards. The event created by the patron Geoff Keighley has changed profoundly in the course of the years: founded as the “Oscar Prize” of video games, it has evolved to become one of the stages more important to the novelty of the medium. After years of perfecting the well-known canadian journalist has managed to bring together two souls inside of his event, transforming it into a showcase of the fundamental and in the cradle of the highest recognition, among those assigned in the course of the year the videogame.

Edition 2019 was, indeed, practically annihilated the past iterations, rendering homage to the great names of the industry, and focusing not only on the titles the most impressive of the last seasons, but also and especially about the highly anticipated hardware next-gen. For this reason, we could not avoid to introduce this year a summary of the whole event, between the new and unexpected, and the winners which will feed into the discussion among fans.

The World Premiere Xbox Series X, next-gen Microsoft.

Needless to turn around, to score irreparably the night of the awards was without a shadow of a doubt, the reveal on the official Xbox Series X, the next-gen consoles of Microsoft, until today known as Project Scarlett. The new hardware is presented in a teaser trailer that left the audience literally open-mouthed, taken by surprise by the design reminiscent of the classic PC tower.

No one expected a bomb, yet Phil Spencer did not hesitate to take the stage to show the world the future of the brand in north america. The surprises, however, were not finished yet: even before that there riprendessimo by the shake-up, the owner of the company has lifted the curtain on a trailer Senua’s Saga: Hellblade II, the sequel to the jewel of Ninja Theory ready to turn on the Xbox Series X.

The Official Trailer of Senua’s Saga: Hellblade II

Spencer has guaranteed that all of the images displayed are rendered in game by the new hardware, which is preparing for the delicate debut on the market on the occasion of the holiday season 2020. A beginning with a bang, don’t you think?

To make happy all the fans of the house of Redmond is also addressed by an Ori and the Will of the Wisps , which, however, has been postponed to march 11. The news of the postponement will turn up their nose to some users, but the segments played are shown during the event seem to leave very little space for doubt and criticism.

It will also be delayed, but the sequel to the Ori is a feast for the eyes.

To tell you the truth, the event had already warmed up the engines. In the opening, in fact, Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 is back to show while waiting for its release for the Nintendo Switch, shortly before handing over a slice of the stage in No More Heroes 3, that is the protagonist of a trailer is colorful and nothing short of insane.

From the front of the Big N has debut the first teaser dedicated to Bravely Default 2, which is seen as a new, small jewel-flower among the skilled hands of the Team Asano, the team just returned from a recent Octopath Traveler. For those who still had doubts about Final Fantasy VII Remake, instead, Square-Enix has made its presence felt through a trailer rather eloquent, dedicated to the character of Cloud Strife, with the emphasis on lots of sequences that will certainly alien to the eyes of the more experienced.

The trailer for FFVII Remake dedicated to the Cloud.

If you camp in the background of the movie branded as Square-Enix was the famous symbol of the PS4, you can’t say the same of the world premiere dedicated to Godfall, the title developed by Gearbox, who, in unbelief, the general, was labeled without too many compliments as a new exclusively developed for the Playstation 5.

Already, virtually in a single evening of celebrations and awards we found ourselves in the presence of ads worthy of any year’s E3. In any case, Godfall is a looter-action cooperative fully embroidered around the melee combat, it is practically a Destiny that has put aside spaceships and planets in order to wear armor and wield swords.

Godfall, new exclusive PS5 signed Gearbox.

The barrels Playtation, however, were not yet finished. To follow, in fact, has been finally aired the full version of the trailer of Ghost of Tsushima, the highly-anticipated title Sucker Punch is set in a feudal Japan extremely convincing. It still lacks a release date but the heck, is to say that the studio has come so far since the days of Sly Cooper.

In any case, unlike the above-mentioned Godfall, in the beautiful movie that is stitched around the character of Ghost Sony has thought well to point out that this is a title for PS4, discouraging once and for always the voices of the corridor suggested that with insistence a release only for next-gen, banishing the spectre of the referral for a other software first party.

The trailer of Ghost of Tsushima. Note the wording of the PS4.

Control Remedy is put especially on display: the first has won the award for best artistic direction, then it has unveiled a curious box of content: the new Expeditions, designed to increase the replay value, is available immediately for all users, but it is only an appetizer of the first DLC for The Foundation, is finally dated for the 26th of march.

Raphael Colantonio, founder of Arkane Studios, and now the face of Wolfeye, has given us a small taste of the Weird Westtitle, at the least particular that will be published by none other than Devolver Digital. Among the familiar faces is checked, also the one of the famous designer Playerunknowm, the mind behind the well-known Battle Royale, which has made us a peek at the lock of the new Prologue, a title that seems like anything but a multiplayer experience.

Knowing the history of Arkane and the success of the Disc Elysium, Weird West could prove to be a surprise.

Back to the surprise Telltale, which, however, fails to go beyond the simple confirmation of the existence of the Wolf Among Us 2, briefly appeared in a tiny teaser. To show up with the barrels was, instead, Riot Games, ready to launch its League of Legends Story, adventures single-player stand-alone designed to build a solid lore behind the champions in LoL, following the example of Blizzard Entertainment.

A Ruined King will mark the official arrival of Riot in the world of the development of the narrative works, and will soon be followed by Convergence, a sign that the company hasn’t is absolutely lying on the laurels of Esports. On the other hand, it is impossible to ignore the monopoly demonstrated by the developer in those boundaries.

Not only LoL has won the prize for the best Esports: the Worlds have earned the title of best event Esports, while that of the best the organization has fallen into the hands of the G2, ironically in force in the above competition.

The resulting narrative sought by Riot for League of Legends looks very interesting.

Among the ads the most interesting stands out, without a doubt, one of the Magic: Legends, new and shiny MMORPG set in the wonderful universe of Magic: The Gathering. Probably, the success achieved by the recent Magic: the Arena has convinced Wizards of the Coast, and doubled the commitment in the world of video games for the famous card game.

On the front of MMO has come up again New World, the first title developed by Amazon Game Studios, a project that still has much to prove despite the premsse encouraging. Confirmed to be more solid than ever, however, is Warframe that The Elder Scrolls Online, both supported by the thrust of the new add-ons free of charge, between the space pirates and adventures in the caves obscure of Skyrim.

With Magic, Legends, Wizards, points to a new slice of the public.

The undergrowth of minor crops, however, has offered a first glimpse on the Sons of the Forest to End the Night, the title of which we invite you to look at the disturbing trailer but that still seems quite behind in the development phase, just like it happened to its predecessor The Forest. In short, we don’t want to do the same as the end of a sword that sends him.

Against all odds, we were impressed by the chinese production that has given birth to Naraka Bladepoint, what at first glance might seem like a sinister rip-off of Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, but actually hides a soul in PvP is very particular.

Possible that Naraka Bladepoint is the PvP which is the failure to Sekiro?

Finally, the time has come to move on to the winners of The Game Awards, which is inevitably passed on the backburner because of the extraordinary amount of ads. Let’s start with a rundown of the awards minor: Destiny 2, has taken the award for Community Support, Fortnite has been imposed with regard to the Best Ongoing Game, the famous streamer Shroud can claim to be the Best Content Creator, while the award dedicated to the Best Mobile Experience that could not end up in the hands of Call of Duty Mobile.

With regard to the discussed awards of the genre, the category of the Best Fighting games was dominated by the Super Smash Bros Ultimate that has even brought home a heavy, nomination for GOTY. In spite of the heavy competition for the Best Strategic, Fire Emblem: Three Houses managed to take the lead with relative ease. In the wacky confines of the Best Family Game, Nintendo has played home-and therefore broken: the highest step of the podium is well deserved Luigi’s Mansion 3.

gotySekiro: Shadows Die Twice is the Game of the Year 2019

Unexpectedly, Crash Team Racing: Nitro gym class heroes, has ousted the historical pretenders to the throne of Best Sports or Racing. The category, Best Multiplayer, however, has given way to celebrate, also to the guys of Respawn Entertainment, absent with Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, but brought in the top of Apex Legends. Clash of the titans in the noble award for the Best Action, but in the Royal Rumble between top-seller had the better of was Devil May Cry 5 Capcom, which closes a vintage to remember. Absolute dominion as the Best Title VR to Beat Saber, while the Game for Impact, designed to reward the works by the great impact social and charitable, was deservedly awarded a Gris.

Evening to remember for ZA/UM, thanks to the success of the Disc, Elysium, that brings home the statuette as Best Indie Title is the one for the Best Narrative. If the recognition of theSound Design emphasizes the rebirth of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, the one for the Best Soundtrack could end up on the beaches of Death Stranding.

The jewel of the Kojima Productions has made a truckload of awards: the outstanding performance of Mads Mikkelsen has emerged as the Best Performance, while Hideo Kojima has taken home the trophy for Best Game Design. Finally, also the Nike the winged the Game of the Year is finally back in Japan, but it did in the hands of Hidetaka Miyazaki, that with the triumph of Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice can celebrate the closing of a generation is nothing short of unforgettable.