The simulator of a skateboard in the Early Access Session is adding a control system similar to the one found in the classic franchise, EA’s Skate.

The current controls of the Session are notoriously difficult to master, asking the player to rethink the use of the levers of control. The left stick and right represent the left and right foot of the character, while the triggers are used to distribute the weight.

According to the developer Creatures Studios, this is a simulation of how people do skate in real life. And just like in real life, the first time you climb on a skateboard… things become quite difficult.

But in the next update, scheduled for 19 February, the Session will acquire the controls, according to the developer, are much more “family”. In the series the Skate of EA, the left stick is used to steer and the right stick is used for tricks.

“It is a difficult sport but it is really rewarding after a hard work,” said Marc-Andre Houde Creatures Studios at the end of 2017. “I think that the difficulty makes the identity of the project. The players struggle with triggers and wonder why we are using two sticks, the thumbs, also saying that we have made it too complicated. Well, yes, perhaps”. But this difficulty, according to the developer, was introduced to make the game more realistic.

Welcome San Van citizens! We know you do things a little different in your city I know as gracious hosts for out-of-towners our next update will have a feature that?ll make your next visit to the Session the universe a little more comfortable with some familiar controls ? available 2/19

— cre?-ture Studios (@actionofcreate) February 14, 2020

Our Session controls are not going anywhere, these will be an extra set of controls you can choose if you?re not used to living in the Session the universe yet ?

— cre?-ture Studios (@actionofcreate) February 14, 2020

?APRIL 19?

NEW features
NEW level
and some XBOX ONE news to you?ve waited for

— cre?-ture Studios (@actionofcreate) February 13, 2020

However, while the addition of a new control system will be debated to some fans, the Creatures will offer, however, the original system together with the new version.

Finally, after the postponement of the Xbox version One, it seems that we shall receive news regarding the output on the console.

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Source: VG247.