Critics of the series Netflix based on a series of books by Andrzej Sapkowski often accused the makers of the loss of the Slavic roots of the work. However, according to the writer, they had nothing to lose, because “the Witcher” is not based on Slavic folklore.
The announcement came in an interview with Sapkowski Polish journal Książki.Magazyn do czytania, another room which recently went on sale. The writer stated that he is surprised by the desire to regard the characters in his books exclusively as poles.
The Witcher Geralt — quite “Slavic” name, “Slavic” notes are played at the onomastics and the toponymy. But next to a hobgoblin and a hobgoblin live mermaid of Andersen and the Beast borrowed from Jeanne-Marie de beaumont leprens.

It is worth repeating again: the series about the witch is a classical and canonical fantasy, Slavic in it, as said Starsky Vakulenkoa, the same as in the match poison. (This refers to the heroes of the book “the Doll” Polish classic Boleslaw Prus — Approx. ed.)

Andrzej Sapkowski
In particular, therefore he was not embarrassed by the black elves.
In my books, as I remember, the color of the leather never really stated, so that those who create adaptation free hand. Everything is possible and permissible, for it could be.
Andrzej Sapkowski
Creator of the series “the Witcher” never spoke critically about published series. In a new interview he even stated that when thinking about the appearance of Geralt of Rivia first comes to mind is Henry Cavill. Your approach Sapkowski explained his attitude to any kind of adaptations.
It is impossible to put the books and their adaptation on one level, it is impossible to seek between dependencies, because they are not. There is no common ground.

To be clear: I do not discount adaptation and other media projects, I agree that making them difficult — if not so hard as to write a book, it still is a lot of work and it deserves recognition. But still it is quite different.

Andrzej Sapkowski
“The Witcher” Netflix: Sapkowski sure that the movie can’t be better than a book
Sapkowski explained that he writes books for thirty years. But every time the noise around him raised exclusively about games and series — so the status of the writer is influenced by modern technology. However, it is not going to thank for that or “bow at their feet”.
Books Sapkowski is very popular in the West, after leaving the series “the Witcher” it even became the most popular writer on Amazon. But he is skeptical in respect of all other Polish creators, eager to world fame.
I don’t think I so often break stereotypes, to illustrate my photo article in the encyclopedia. But with regard to the Western perception, I would recommend to get rid of megalomania.

The West is not interested in our division into “us” and “them”. Then, who is there to notice, accept and appreciate, is determined by other standards and mechanisms. Is much more simple. At all simple. I’d say what, but I’m modest.

Andrzej Sapkowski
For the premiere of the series “the Witcher” Sapkowski in Warsaw did not go: he said he had not wanted to leave the house. He also doesn’t think that would ever connect to the work on the series — “is that what role to play”.
The Saga of the Witcher over, and as the writer himself considered the best. And if he decided to write a new Saga, this time in the lead role would be a woman.
Sapkowski happy with the way Cavill played Geralt
Andrzej Sapkowski doesn’t like to work and not going to criticize the series “the Witcher”
Polish Embassy in the US forgot that “the Witcher” Andrzej Sapkowski wrote
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