Fans of Rainbow Six Siege will probably be interested to learn that they can now take advantage of the Transaction Void Edge on the test server (PC-exclusive). It is what announces Ubisoft via an official press release, by taking the time to drag a gameplay video with the new officers Iana and Oryx. “While she was studying for her doctorate in systems engineering, Iana has developed a software program of topographic mapping, which allowed him to generate a hologram of herself that she can control using her Replicator Gemini, we can explain. As soon as she activates her hologram, she can take control of the interior. His hologram moves and produces sounds like it would do it but obviously can’t shoot, fight or use of the gadgets side.”

“Oryx is the second in command unofficial the Fortress of Kaid that he oversees during his absences,” says the French editor. It is also his trusted advisor. Oryx is a highly trained agent who does not use a gimmick : his Sprint Remah has more than a single function. His speed allows him to move efficiently and cover short distances with a rapidity unprecedented. The Sprint Remah can also be used to shoot down its enemies or to break down the walls destructible, but this will weaken inexorably Oryx. Finally, Oryx is also able to climb and sneak in through the hatches, which gives him a tactical advantage is significant on its opponents.”

In addition to the two new characters, it also has the right to a redesign of the map Oregon to include the “expansion of the basement, the Attic and the office Tower.”

It should be noted that the Season 1 of Year 5 will include updates to :

  • The adjustment of the reproduction of the debris from barricade
  • Changes to the place of appearance of the drone attackers
  • A main menu redesigned
  • Changes to Injury and Twitch
  • The addition of the Elite Pack of Caveira

In the same press release, Ubisoft says that the Year 6 will adopt a new format in which an overview will be given in Year 5. “The transition to the new model will begin with a Year 5 hybrid : the first two seasons will remain in the current format, with the addition of two new agents, and the redesign of a card ; while the second half of the Year will introduce the format of Year 6, is it mentioned. During the Year 6, each season would propose a new agent and free content for all players : the redesign of a map, an event of limited duration, and updates to gameplay major. A Battle Pass will also be available for each season starting with ‘Operation Void Edge'”.

Also in regard to the future, we are promised the overhaul of the agents, Tachanka being the first on the list. Finally, the banning of cards, and the Reputation System (a transparent system in which the player can be rewarded or otherwise punished according to his behaviour found in the game) are also part of the plans of the developers.