Pokémon Home is the new cloud-based service that will allow you to keep your Pokémon from modern video games.

This service is the latest in a long series of features over the years that have allowed the fans to preserve their favorite Pokémon in a single place.

It all began with Pokémon Gold and Silver, who made the Time Capsule, and the latest version is the famous Pokémon Bank.

Pokémon Home will be compatible with a good variety of titles, including Pokémon Go Pokémon Bank and of course the new Sword and Shield, and will put at your disposal both feature free items for a fee.

On this page:

  • What is Pokémon Home? Explanation of all the services
  • Which games is compatible Pokémon Home?
  • Price and differences between free version and premium
  • When will be available in Pokémon Home?

What is Pokémon Home? Explanation of all the services

Pokémon Home is a cloud service developed by Nintendo in which you can transfer and store your Pokémon from the various chapters of the series, to make them available on mobile devices and Nintendo Switch.


It is essentially the improved version of the Pokémon Bank, Ultra Sun, Ultra Luna.

There are three key features: the exchange of Pokémon, collected Pokémon, and finally move between a game and the other.

Swap Pokémon

In addition to the transfer of Pokémon between the games and the Pokémon Home, you can trade Pokémon with their friends and anyone around the world, simply by using the software on a mobile device. This type of exchange works in 4 ways:

  • Wonder Box trading, that you can use even without exploiting Pokémon Home
  • The Global Trade System, a system that allows you to specify which Pokémon you want to sell and what you are interested in exchange
  • Room Trade, that allows you to create a private room to accommodate up to 20 people and share with everyone
  • Friend Trade, that allows you to trade Pokémon with people in your immediate vicinity

Collecting Pokémon

Here are the features designed to help you acchiapparli all:

  • A National Pokédex will keep track of all your Pokémon, including the various forms, such as Megaevoluzioni and Gigamax
  • You can receive Gifts Mysterious Sword, and Shield, as well as new Gifts designed especially for Pokémon Home
  • There is a section “your Room” that allows you to collect stickers related to the completion of a series of challenges that are introduced in Pokémon Home


  • Feature designed for mobile, as a search for pokemon abilities or moves, the ability to see your progress in ranked games Pokémon, Sword and Shield, as well as discover the profiles of other coaches and take a look at the most widely used moves in competitive
  • Earn Pokémon Home Points, a score that grows depending on the Pokémon deposited, and that can be invested in exchange for BP in the classic games of the series

Which games is compatible Pokémon Home?

  • Pokémon – Sword, Nintendo Switch
  • Pokémon Shield – Nintendo Switch
  • Pokémon Let’s Go Pikachu! – Nintendo Switch
  • Pokémon Let’s Go Eevee! – Nintendo Switch
  • Pokémon Bank – Nintendo 3DS
  • Pokémon Go (iOS and Android) – not since the launch


Attention: As you can see in the infographic, the only destination fully supported the launch is the Barge of Pokémon with a Sword and Shield. For the other supported games, it will only be available for a one-way trip.

Price and differences between free version and premium

Unlike Pokémon Bank, Pokémon the Home is free and will take only a few premium services.

Here are the prices:

30 days 2.99
90 days 4.99
365 days 15.99


Here is the feature premium:

  • To transfer Pokémon from Pokémon Bank to Pokémon Home *
  • Deposit more than 30 Pokémon in Pokémon Home (up to a maximum of 6,000)
  • To exchange more than 3 Pokémon in a Wonder Box at a time (up to a maximum of 10)
  • Exchange more than 1 pokemon in the GTS at a time (up to a maximum of 3)
  • To create Rooms for Room Trade (join a room, instead, is free to all)
  • Use the function ‘Judge’ to find out how to become a strong Pokémon

In addition, Pokémon Bank and Poké Transporter will be made free after the launch of Home.

pokemon_home_judgeA closer look at the Premium-only ‘Judge’ feature.

When will be available in Pokémon Home?

Pokémon Home will be available during this February 2020 on iOS, Android and Nintendo Switch.

This launch window was announced during the Pokémon Direct on 9 January.

Remember, however, that Pokémon Home will not support Pokémon, Go to the launch, and the feature will be introduced only later.