Capcom has unveiled two new maps and two new villains for Resident Evil: Resistance — asymmetrical (“4 vs 1”) of the multiplayer remake of Resident Evil 3.
For the beginning of the puppeteers — the first was Alex the angel of death from Resident Evil: Revelations 2. She relies on traps that can manipulate the map to disorient the survivors, guiding them through the more difficult stages locations with obstacles and enhanced zombies.
Since girls will be mutated plant of Ateneo is biological weapons can not move independently, but with good placement it will be a serious obstacle for survivors.
The second villain became Ozwell Spencer — the shadow villain of the entire series, who discovered the T-virus, and founded the Umbrella. Its main features will be technically advanced tools, but Spencer can’t call the bio-weapon and control it. Instead, it creates a field that deals great damage to survivors, who passed through it.
Alex Angel Of Death
Ozwell Spencer
Ateneo, which can manage Alex
New locations become:



Abandoned amusement Park

Remake Resident Evil 3 Resident Evil: Resistance comes out April 3 on PS4, Xbox One and PC.
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