LexipAt first glance, the Np93 is rather well finished, with a coating of soft-touch that dresses up the top and the flanks of the beast, in order to ensure a grip perfect and a comfort. However, the design is a bit dated, with keys to the main round, where the competition is moving towards flat shapes or concave that contours to better the fingers. There is nothing objectionable in either, it said. The different parts are well stitched and there is no ridge prominent, or default position. Better, the wheel is one of the best that we could see, with a detent and discreet comfort at the top. Similarly, the buttons under the thumb are easy to reach, just like the joystick is ideally placed. However, the big point of this mouse is gliding incredible permitted by the six pads in ceramic. Here, it is not teflon but a specific material that is perfectly polished and shaped hemispherical, in order to limit the surface area of contact – and therefore friction – with the support bracket. Without exaggeration, this is one of the best skates that we could try, and Lexip was not mistaken, since you can buy them separately (Mo42, at 14.99€ 6) to give a second youth to any mouse. Finally, the stick map falls easily under the thumb, and offer relative ease of use with its maximum inclination of 30°.

If you can save time on certain actions, the stick does not convince, and it becomes quickly frustrated that the software does not give us more latitude.



You will have understood, the Np93 is a mouse packed full of potential, but for the moment, the latter is locked by the software Lexip. In the state, one can hardly recommend that you pay 49.99€ (all that excellent mouse are available at this rate), since most of its features are still unavailable. Nevertheless, once that the engineers will allow players to freely enjoy the stick, Np93 should no doubt interest a lot more players.

The +

– The coating soft-touch

– Good grip

– The pads are in ceramic for a slip of madness

– The sensor 12 000dpi

– Affordable price (49.99€)

The –

– The stick is annoying when you are not using it

– Diagonals and function clickable on the stick clamped by the firmware

– Functions RGB are clamped by the firmware

– Only for right-handers

Note JEUXACTU : 2.5/5 (in the current state of the firmware)

Technical Characteristics

12 programmable buttons (including the 4 directions on the stick)

Analog thumbsticks thumb (80.000 values)

Pads ceramic

Switches guaranteed for 20 million clicks

Ballast adjustable (3.5 and 18g)

Optical sensor 12 000 dpi

RGB 16 million colors

Braided USB cable