The portal Redanian Intelligence reports that the authors of”the Witcher” from Netflix find cast, Lambert and Colona.
The characters must appear in at least three episodes of the new season, but the story itself is, apparently, partially unfold in the fortress of kaer Morhen. There could be Vesemir and Eskel.
The party of Lambert departed actor Sex Broth (peaky blinders), whereas the image of Colona try on Clear ATOR (“Dark heart”).
Both characters were mentioned in literary Saga and a series of games about a White Wolf. In books, when Geralt first brought CRIS in kaer Morhen, Lambert and Colon including engaged learning. In the first “the Witcher” by CD Projekt RED Geralt falls into the hands of a silver sword last. This assumes that Colon did not belong to the school of Wolf.
It is possible that the second season of the series, we just see the training of a Princess. Eight new episodes of the show will be released on Netflix in 2021. According to rumors, there will be Dijkstra. In addition, in 2020 will be released animated film “the Nightmare wolf”, which tells about the youth of Vesemira.
Gender Broth
Clear ATOR
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