Gearbox Software announced that Borderlands 3 will be a temporary event Day Broken Hearts in honor of Valentine’s Day. The event will begin on 14 February at 02:00 GMT and will end on February 20 at 19:59 GMT.
In the framework of the events surrounding enemies across the Galaxy will start flying hearts, which players need to shoot down. The more hearts will be brought down, the better the reward from the skins and trinkets to legendary weapons.
The developers note that players will be able to disable the Broken Hearts Day at the main menu, if you do not want to participate in the event.
With the start of the temporary event, the authors also will increase the maximum level of the Vault hunters from 50 to 53. Such a small increase in the developers explain the desire to maintain a balance, because the skills and abilities of the characters in Borderlands 3 significantly affect gameplay.
Finally, the team was told that the next patch will work on the performance, adds the ability to skip cut scenes and make significant changes in Mayhem mode, and improve the mechanics of Fight For Your Life.
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