Captain Tsubasa Rise of New Champions is definitely a game highly anticipated by the fans of the famous series of Yoichi Takahashi, and tip to fit in the market of football games arcade, which is not an exponent of the genre in a long time, if you count the parentheses, Time FIFA 20.

Bandai Namco has just shown a new video of gameplay taken from the demo of the game, that sheds light further on the ones that will be the mechanics of the long-awaited title. In addition to focus a lot on the effect-nostalgia clearly, the intent of the authors is to create a title immediate and fun.

You immediately notice watching the video, the controls seem rather elementary, but the action is fast-paced and is accompanied by animations that seem taken directly from the new souls. There will also be a hint of strategy, since the special moves of the various players will consume the bar in the resistance, so you should be dosed well the energies of the members of his team.

In the video in question, which you can find at the top of the news and on our YouTube channel, you play again the match between Nankatsu and Tohoshall surely Hyuga and Tsubasa as they perform their iconic shots.

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