The launch to the surprise of the Call of Duty: Warzone has affected a users wide and varied: the experience standole set in the same universe of COD: Modern Warfare is, in fact, landed with both PCS and consoles.

On the first platform, however, it seems that a part of the community is experiencing an unpleasant problem of a technical nature. Several users have reported crash of COD: Warzone on PC, pushing the development team to investigate the matter further. From the pages of their official Twitter account, the service support of Activision makes the well-known star in devoting their energies to the resolution of the problem.

To be able to identify the most effective and rapid manner, the software house suggests to the interested players to fill in a specific form. Accessible via the Tweet that are found in lime, the latter, available in Italian requires the input of standard data, such as geographic location, platform used, the code of the error and the circumstances in which we have encountered in the problem.

Pending any updates, we point out that the players who ventured into the battle royale have made strange sightings on the map of COD: Warzone, with notification of the possibility of interaction with PC, laptops, phones, and secret bunkers. Finally, we recall that the development team has already announced to have the intention of extending the Call of Duty: Warzone.