Thanks to the continuous offers and catalogs more and more rich services with a monthly subscription as a Xbox Game Pass and PlayStation Now are slowly becoming a mandatory purchase for anyone who owns a console or is equipped with a fast internet connection. But what happens to the games on our console when they leave the catalogue?

This is a topic which is not talked about often, and on which rumors completely wrong. One of these is that the games that are installed on our consoles continue to be fully functional, even after their abandonment of the catalogue, regardless of the service reference. Unfortunately for us gamers, if a title leaves the library, the Xbox Game Pass or PlayStation Now can no longer be started even if its files are present on the hard disk and the only way to continue playing is to buy the digital license (taking advantage perhaps of the many offers dedicated to the subscribers) or the physical copy. In the case of the purchase of the game you can still keep all the progress recorded during the period of your stay on the services of a subscription, since the save files are the same. In short, if you are about to start a new game in the library of one of these services (maybe a role-playing game is particularly long-lived), the advice we can give is to make sure that there is going to be removed soon, stopping abruptly on the your experience.

If your doubts concern the possibility to play offline games Xbox Game Pass and PlayStation Now (in this case we speak only of those that can be downloaded), be aware that this possibility exists. The only requirement to access the games while the console is not connected to the internet is that you have set up the account is active subscription to the service as the main profile.

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