A player of Red Dead Online believed to be the first in the world to have attained the rank of 1,000.

For comparison, the majority of people who play from beta stage still have difficulty to reach rank 300.

GTAV_Informer has published a post on the Twitter account to celebrate the company:

World’s First Rank 1,000 in Red Dead Online. #RDR2 pic.twitter.com/D1rEIymze2

— GTAV Informer (@GTAV_Informer) March 9, 2020

Most of the players of Red Dead Online comes at high levels, competing in PvP, even if there were examples of people who have reached a rank very high using, however, of the impropriety, as in the case of the player JuggaloArmy, who had attained the rank of 900 with unfair methods.

In related news, we learned that the animals are returned to repopulate the world of Red Dead Online with a recent patch.

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Source: VG247.