Hunt: the Showdown– the critically acclaimed multiplayer-shooter horror designer Crytek, also arrives on the PlayStation 4, opening up new hunting grounds. If you have already read the review of our David, at the time output on the PC and Xbox One, you already know that we liked it very much. After spending several hours with the game also on PS4 (Pro) we can not confirm the validity of a formula of gameplay is certainly not new, but with this game reaches new heights of stimulating competition.

Mors tua, vita mea. This is the dictation of this game, that blends mechanical PvP and PvE projecting the player in a context that is rather special, a hybrid of western and horror that stirs a vibration mid-way between Resident Evil 7, and Red Dead Redemption. We are in Alabama, the state government overlooking the Gulf of Mexico and offers breathtaking views and a lot of heterogeneous. You play as a bounty hunter, but unlike usual cow-boy, the silent in the Hunt: Showdown you’ll have to check with a monstrosity that does not really look out of place in the laboratories of the Umbrella Corporation, whatever. Each of them will net you a nice reward, but obviously won’t be the only to hunt him down, once down in the field you will be surrounded by a variable number of rivals that will try to reach the same goal and at the same time make you out.

Hunt: The Showdown

  • Developer: Crytek
  • Publisher: Koch Media
  • Availability: February 28 – PC, PS4, Xbox One
  • Version tested: PS4 Pro

The formula of the game is particular. Initially you will not know where you hide the prey. To be able to discover its location you will need to collect three clues, which will reduce as the field of research. Easy to say, a little less done because before you get to the final boss (which in reality may be even two) you have to take off in maps teeming with the living dead and pretty stingy in terms of resources. Bullets and medkits are counted and do not forget that you will have to “share” with the other participants at the party. This means that you press the trigger with excessive generosity could also lead to your premature departure from the challenge, as the cases of strokes and the kinds of survival that you will find around might already have been plundered by others. To survive in this Hunt: Showdown serves a minimum of cunning and glance, walk around aimlessly, or pointed straight to the goal approach is the most wrong that you may have. The approach to stealth is therefore stra-recommended for various reasons: in this way you will attract the attention of the monsters and being the most can be repaired but ye shall offer a target much more difficult for the human enemies

1On your road you’ll also find zombie special, with the resistance out of the ordinary or powers that make them particularly dangerous.

The game allows 12 players to take the field at the same time, a number seemingly low, but that in fact is perfect to balance the best every game. You can try your luck alone, but we assure you that you get good results without at least one team-mate is really hard. Perfection is achieved in three. If the group is well assorted and in harmony with the different phases of the research, capture, and escape becomes significantly more simple. The search for the evidence represents only the initial phase of the game, the difficulty comes when there is the presence of the monsters, very difficult to throw down without having your shoulders properly covered. Once their life bar you need to collect the bounty but this is precisely the moment when it is most vulnerable and visible to other players. There is nothing worse than seeing wasted their effort in the few seconds when an opponent is vanishing with our loot after having placed a ball in the skull at close range. Also being able to overcome this phase can not pull the wind, it is necessary to find a way to escape from the map and wait for the damned 30 seconds to be able to sing victory.

The beauty of the Hunt Showdown, however, is this: the constant sense of tension and insecurity that reigns. Even after having played for about 20-30 hours, to be grown on several levels and have unlocked pieces of equipment worthy of note, you can not distract you for a moment because the level of the monsters and your rivals will grow accordingly. Refined sight, and especially hearing, in this excellent portfolio audio will play in your favor because every single noise, step or rattle is perfectly distinguishable during the match. To be able to grasp the nuances can sometimes make the difference between victory and defeat.

2If you prefer a challenge a bit less difficult you can turn off teams of three people in the options menu.

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In terms of gameplay the console version of the Hunt: the Showdown does not present differences compared to that of the PC. Mode Bounty Hunter is still the heart of the game and is virtually eternal, for it is side-by-side only a variant of the PvP that takes away half the sizes. The maps available for now are only two, a few, but the developers have promised a huge package of content coming in a short time. Technically unfortunately we have to complain about a few issues. In addition to being anchored to the 30 fps, the version we played on the PS4 Pro has given rise to numerous problems of loading textures, pop-ups, and slight delays in the interaction with the objects. In a game of this kind are not small things. Add as cherry on the cake of the loads a bit too long, and an interface identical to that of the PC version and is, therefore, difficult digestion on the console.

In anticipation of the start of a spring season which as always will be full of output (in spite of the numerous cross-references) and understand how the next-gen will push further our desire for new hardware, Hunt: Showdown is a good filler. The game Crytek is a product that is well thought out and well made, but unfortunately the conversion to console has brought with it some problems that have forced us to descend a step in the final evaluation. We hope that in the near future the arrival of new modes and content being accompanied by an appropriate optimization that would bring these versions to the very good release PC.