By now, about a month after the publication of Resident Evil 3 Remake and the team at Capcom is offering some interesting details on what players can expect.

Thanks to an interview granted by Peter Fabiano, the Producer of the game, with Official Xbox Magazine, we learn some interesting details about the restoration work carried out by the development team on the third chapter of the famous saga. You part, first of all, from the highly anticipated return of the Nemesis, who arrives in the game in a version even more lethal and dangerous than the original Resident Evil 3. A choice dictated by the desire to maintain a line of continuity with what was seen in Resident Evil 2 Remake. “The Director saw what they had done with the Tyrant in RE2 , and he responded with a ‘Wait a minute! Have Nemesisizzato!”, says Fabiano: as a result, the team has chosen not to be outdone with their revival of Nemesis.

But that’s not all, the Producer has confirmed that Raccoon City has been completely rebuilt from scratch. In the city, players will find of course references to the original, but the area will be more extensive and offer more opportunities to explore. Of course, this makes the game a open world, wanted to specify Fabiano, but will for example be possible to see unreleased items or enter into some shops, in a different way from the original.

Recently the game is back to show 20 minutes of gameplay of Resident Evil 3 Remake.