Ninja Theory has just revealed a new, bizarre character that it will add to the already rich roster of Bleeding Edge, the action of the multiplayer that gives a nod to the MOBA.

Let’s talk about Mekko, a funny dolphin that controls a sort of robot with tentacles through the impulses emitted by your brain. This is a character quite unique in its kind and has many abilities that make him a tank.

Here are the skills Mekko:

Basic skills

  • Sonar Gun: a gun that allows you to strike repeatedly the opponent
  • Bubble Block: creates a bubble shield that absorbs damage and generates Power Orb, orbs that you can use to enable additional effects for the execution of special abilities

Special abilities

  • Lifeline: Mekko connects to an opponent in order to absorb a percentage of damage. Can be activated twice to provide a shield to the target
  • Safety Zones: it creates an area within which allies are protected, and care in time
  • Surge: Mekko performs a leap and overwhelms the enemy, gaining health while moving


  • Sonic Barrage: generate sound waves that are blocking the enemy, reject them and inflict heavy damage
  • Exclusion Bubble: the target is trapped inside a bubble, which can be destroyed by his allies to return to the fight

Waiting to be able to use Mekko, you probably already have this in the next beta arrive next march 13, 2020, we remind you that the game will be available from 24 march 2020 and exclusively on PC and Xbox One. If you have subscribed to Xbox Game Pass you can also download the game on day one, without additional costs, both on PC and on Xbox.

You have already seen the movie that serves as a definitive guide to combat Bleeding Edge?