Brazilian media confirms that Shayene “shAy” Victorio, a professional player and streamer with a past as a pro player of Counter-Strike Global Offensive, has been sentenced to 116 years in prison by the local authorities.

According to the reconstruction of events provided by the editorial staff of the brazilian ESPN, the heavy sentence imposed on Shayene Victorio would be due to a cause of action for fraud, lost girl, for a matter concerning the non-delivery of 118 products bought by customers of its online store.

The judges of the court of brazilian justice would, therefore, sentenced shAy to 116 years in prison, a sentence that, if it were to be confirmed in subsequent levels of judgment, could oblige her to spend the rest of their days behind the bars of one of the prisons of the south american Country. According to the laws currently in force in the federal State of brazil in which he resides, shAy may, however, use of a technicality of legal, allowing you to serve “only” 30 years in prison.

In the past, the name of the Shayenne Victorio is jumped to the honors of the chronicle of video games as a function of the commitment that she has made since 2008 in his career videogiocatrice professional, one of the first on the scene, esports brazilian. Victorio decided last year to abandon his career as a pro-player to become an influencer and a streamer, as well as anentrepreneur in the field of e-commerce. In the latter case, however, the results are rather questionable.