A few hours from the reveal of Project G. G. (the new project of Hideki Kamiya), Platinum Games has revealed the third ad in the series Platinum 4, bound this time not for a game, but rather the opening of a new office in Tokyo.

Platinum Games has announced that during the month of April will open a new headquarters in Tokyo, simply called Platinum Games Tokyo. This is the first study of the company to a fire at the headquarters of Osaka, part of an expansion plan that foresees an exponential growth in the coming years.

Platinum Games Tokyo is currently looking for numerous figures professionalthe as computer programmers, game designers, artists, audio and video technicians, producers and project managers to take care of the first draft of the study, i.e. Project G. G. a sad day yesterday.

The President Kenichi Sato and Atsushi Inaba stated that they are excited for this new step, it is an important starting point that inaugurates a new phase of life Platinum Games, the company will continue to develop new IP and projects for other publishers, but never come on its own values, among these the desire to create experiences that are always original and of high quality able to enthuse a wider audience and demanding.