Senior Manager Microsoft ‘s browser Edge William Devereaux told that a proprietary web browser engine Chromium affordable alternative to the famous runner Dino. We are talking about a simple game built into Google Chrome, which you can use to pass the time, yet no Internet.

The edge://surf game is now available as the offline game in Microsoft Edge! We’ve made a ton of improvements based on your feedback. Here’s what’s new in Canary/Dev:

♂ Amazing game 3 new modes!
Play with keyboard, mouse, touch or gamepad
High scores
Improved UX
And much more!

— William Devereux (@MasterDevwi) February 26, 2020

In early versions of Edge will be embedded arcade game called Surf that invites players to beat the Kraken on a surfboard, while avoiding various obstacles. The project offers only a few game mechanics, but supports three modes, including overcoming obstacles at the time.
The game character can be controlled using the keyboard and mouse, touch screen or gamepad. Do note that Surf is supported not only on PC but also on smartphones and the Xbox. The game is available in the Assembly browser Edge Canary. To run it you need to enter in the address bar edge://surf and then press Enter.
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