Microsoft has shared a message about the coronavirus and the way in which its spread has already had and will continue to affect the business of the company in the future. In a press release, Microsoft said to expect that the division of More Personal Computing – which includes Xbox – it will make less money in the quarter than previously expected.

Microsoft said in January that it expected revenue of between $ 10,75 billion and $ 11,15 billion for the current quarter. However, the company is now telling analysts and investors to expect lower results due to the coronavirus.

The supply chain of Microsoft “is returning to normal operations at a pace slower than expected,” said the company. For this reason, the giant doesn’t expect huge revenues. Categories Windows OEM and Surface, in particular, have been defined as the “more negatively affected than previously expected”.

However, it is Not been mentioned the Xbox in the press release. A spokesman for Microsoft declined to comment on the previous investigations related to the impact of coronavirus on the production of the Xbox console, especially in view of the Xbox Series X.

“With the evolving conditions, Microsoft will act to ensure the health and safety of employees, customers and partners during this difficult period,” said Microsoft in the press release. “We will also continue to collaborate with the local health authorities and global to provide further assistance. We deeply appreciate the commitment of the people and organizations who have united to face this public health emergency; our thoughts are turned to all the people affected in the world.”


It is not expected that other divisions of Microsoft will be affected by the epidemic.

Xbox and rival PlayStation – are produced in China, then it is understandable that many are wondering if the virus will have an impact on the production of Series X and PS5. Both consoles are in the program at the end of 2020, the production should, presumably, increase a lot before the launch.

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Source: Gamespot.