Drew McCoy, one of the people who have contributed to the founding of Respawn Entertainment, has announced they have left the software house, concluding his career at the team which over the years has given life to, among others, to Titanfall and Apex Lengends.

The news was communicated to the public directly from the pages of the Twitter account of McCoy, who has shared the following words: “today marks for me the beginning of a new adventure. I will keep absolutely in the heart of the last ten years in helping to start Respawn, and produce fantastic games with wonderful people. I will miss particularly the people – the discussions daily, the successes, failures, and everything in between. To all those who have played our games, thank you from the bottom of the heart. Are not yet sure where I will go, but rest assured that I can not stay away from video games for a long time!”.

From the concluding words, it seems that McCoy is willing to remain in the industry behind the games, we will see in time what will be its next stop professional. During his stay in Respawn, the professional has held the roles of Lead Producer for Titanfall and Senior producer for Titanfall 2.

In closing, we point out that the latest rumor they would like to Respawn to work on the development of Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order 2.