After the now well-nine years of service, now is the time of the closure of the Pokémon Global Link: the online features related to it will not be more available soon.

The countdown, in particular, ending on the date Tuesday, 25 February at 23:59 UTC, corresponding to 00:59 for the Italian time. From that moment on, the services related to Pokémon Gloabal Link will be not more accessible to all Coaches who wish to explore the islands of the Region of Alola. Cease the support of the service in Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon, as well as in the subsequent Pokémon Ultrasole and Pokémon Ultraluna. All the features online in the four games that do not require access to the Pokémon Global Link will continue to be available for all aspiring Masters of Pokémon.

We would like to take this opportunity to point out that, parallel to this, Nintendo has instead made available Pokémon Home on the Nintendo Switch and iOS and Android devices. The service lets you manage your universe of creatures, Game Freak, offering different options. Through Pokémon Home for example, you can access the feature related to the exchange Pokémon with other Trainers, to transfer the Poket Monster to complete your National Pokédex, receive Secret Gifts and more.