With the beginning of the new year, the team at Blizzard has presented a new Experimental Mode of Overwatch, to increase the participation of the community in the context of the introduction of new in-game by the developers.

Now, the software house has more information to share with the players. In a new video diary, Jeff Kaplan, Game Director of the hero Shooter, has shown the first incoming content: the Mode, Triple Damage. The latter will include a change to the process of Role Queue, with options that will be limited to a player tank, two support and three damage.

The team at Blizzard aims to gather the community feedback in relation to this new structure, which changes some of the equilibrium of the game, which currently has a Role Queue structured in a policy of 2/2/2. In the present Triple Damage, the game director has mentioned to the community that the novelties introduced within the Experimental Mode are simple tests, designed to gather feedback on some specific aspects. You can view the video diary dedicated directly in the opening to this news.

The experimental feature should not be available to the active players on Overwatch already by the day of tomorrow, Tuesday 25 February. Kaplan, however, has announced that there may be a small delay on the roadmap. Waiting to find out more, we remind you that due to the Coronavirus, the match of Overwatch League will be held in South Korea.