Mayor of Boston Marty Walsh is sent to the head of Sony Kenichiro Aside official letter, in which he urged the Corporation to reconsider its position on participation in the upcoming gaming festival PAX East in 2020.

A few days ago Sony had refused to attend the event, citing the frightening spread of coronavirus in the world. Initially it was planned to show at the American event a few dozen games for the PlayStation 4 and let ordinary gamers for the first time to demo long-awaited exclusive , The Last of Us: Part II.

In his letter, Walsh mentioned that the risk of Contracting a new virus in Boston is extremely low.

“The situation awakens in us the worst impulses: forces suspicious of entire groups of people, closed in himself, and to abandon the new opportunities and connections offered by our global city (which is considered an important element of the global economic system – approx. GameMAG)”, – stated in the message.

According to the mayor, concerns about the fashion industry, fueled by confusion and initial lack of clear information that has led to growth and entusiastic anti-Chinese sentiment in Boston and USA in General.

He urged to join efforts for dispelling “harmful and misguided fears.”

“Such a large international company like yours, by visiting the show could show a positive example.”

The mayor added that Sony, the technological and gaming leader, it is possible to show that the company is driven by facts, not fears, and to demonstrate a commitment to the integration of the people, not isolation.

At the time of this writing, Sony had not responded to the call of the mayor.

Yesterday the company refused to participate in the March American event GDC 2020 – also due to the coronavirus.

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