Polish Studio Flying Wild Hog, known for creating shooters Hard Reset and novels Shadow Warrior, is currently working on three neurontinonline projects, two of which will be revealed later this year. About it in interview to portal Wccftech said the President of the Studio Michal Szustak.

“Our DNA is programmed to experiment, always looking for something new. We’re certainly not going to abandon shooters, but we really want to broaden our approach,” explained Shostak, stressing that the team is preparing to present this year two AAA-titles, while the third project he described as “the original game in the genre of action”.

When the head Flying Wild Hog asked, were there of these games for next-gen consoles PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, he did not give a specific answer, saying only: “I would really like to answer this question, but I can’t.”

“Let’s not forget about the owners of the current generation of consoles. In General, we want to release our game for all people who want to get a fan”.

In addition, Michal Szustak made it clear that he would like to port some of the games his Studio to the console Nintendo Switch, but due to the peculiarities of its own engine team, Roadhog, this is a problematic process.

The last game the Studio is a first-person shooter Shadow Warrior 2. He saw the light in 2016 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. Our review on the game read here.

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