From the pages of Reddit, the fan of Red Dead Redemption 2 known as Rampaje76 shares his most recent, weird experience with the blockbuster western, the Rockstar Games: while exploring the Frontier, to the mare of his alter-ego have sprung the testicles because of a bug!

The amazing bug would have occurred in the course of free exploration of the map of Red Dead Online and find testimony in the composite image that the user has made to show the mare of his character multiplayer before and after this “involuntary change” of sex.

One of the testicles of the horse Red Dead Redemption 2, on the other hand, is a topic that has been on the portals of the sector and intrigued the community on social and on the forums the most diverse in the period that preceded the launch of the title, precisely because of the efforts made by the developers in us to make their game universe the most authentic and realistic as possible. A programming error relating to this particular part of the anatomy of the horses, therefore, was not precluded and in fact was presented.

The bugs in the testes of horses of Red Dead Online 2, however, is only the last of the “unexpected” that involved fans of the masterpiece open-world of Rockstar: in recent months, for example, there are a few of the skeletons in the two heads in Red Dead Online that have attacked the players and the carcasses of horses that have filled the Frontier.