The vertices of Obsidian Entertainment, developer of Fallout: New Vegas and, most recently, of The Outer Worlds, to open the 32 positions to give shape to a new role-playing triple-A from launch on PC and Xbox Series X with the advent of nextgen.

On the recommendation of the famous insider Klobrille, we discover, in fact, the presence of a new section in the official website of Obsidian used by the software house in california to accommodate the questions of assumption and the curriculum developers, programmers, designers, and authors eager to participate in the creation of this mysterious blockbuster ruolistico.

Game triple-A to Xbox Series X of Obsidian has discussed the same Phil Spencer: in December of last year, the boss of the division, the Xbox Microsoft took advantage of the media space granted to him from the podcast to the end of 2019 with Larry “Major Nelson” Hryb to confirm the commitment of a large part of the workforce of Obsidian on this mysterious RPG nextgen. Only fifteen of the developers of the company, in fact, would be engaged on the project Grounded, with a third staff within the company that’s said to be planning the future of The Outer Worlds.

And you, on which kind and type of the GDR nextgen would like to see committed, the authors of the subsidiary of Xbox Game Studios? Waiting to find out what’s bubbling in the pot, we refer you to our in-depth look at the signature of Daniel D Goldsmith, which traces the history of Obsidian from Baldur’s Gate and Fallout to the acquisition of Microsoft.