The litigation between the Studio Riot Games and the female part of the team on compensation for discrimination is resumed, since the settlement agreement was terminated because of opposition from California officials.

We are talking about the lawsuit, which was filed in 2018. The management and employees of the Studio responsible for League of Legends, was accused of sexism and harassment. So, preference in hiring was given to men, women received lower wages.

In the end the parties agreed to a settlement agreement: each of the employed over the last five years, employees will receive compensation from the Fund, which amounts to $ 10 million. Will also be eliminated the difference between the salaries.

But several state Agency was dissatisfied with the outcome. Representatives of the state of California believe that the plaintiffs were to receive more than $ 400 million. It should be understood that the amount of $ 10 million and became the largest ever identified in cases of discrimination in the state.

Now the interests of the plaintiffs are represented by counsel women’s rights Jean Harrison. Prior to that, she worked on lawsuits against Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein. Directly to Riot Games called attempts to sue the Studio $ 400 million climbathon.

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