A user of Twitter named Gia Oliver (Oliver Jia) shared with subscribers of an interesting story about a 95-year resident of Japan who likes to play classic portable console Game Boy, spending time at Tetris 1989 issue.

One time grandma broke, and no shop was able to repair it, citing the lack of necessary components, the device came more than 30 years ago, have not made and are not officially supported.

The grandson of Japanese women recommended her to apply directly to the head office of Nintendo, which she did, without becoming reconciled with the breakdown of the beloved device.

The story had a touching end. The “big N” drew attention to the letter from grandma and decided to make her a nice gift in the form of a new Game Boy instead of broken. To the console arrived with a letter with a touching requests, which ended with the words “Long life to you!”.

This 95-year-old Japanese woman regularly enjoyed playing Tetris on her GameBoy. It eventually broke down, but no shop could repair it. Her grandson wrote a letter to Nintendo explaining the situation. They sent back a brand new one and told her to “please live a long life.” https://t.co/gR5DMxbYMo

— Oliver Jia (オリバー・ジア) (@OliverJia1014) February 22, 2020

Original Japanese message about the story gathered more than 172 thousand likes and spread around the local Internet, and on Saturday reached the Western. Users subscribe to the wishes Nintendo.

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