The growing concerns related to the Coronavirus push Square Enix to cancel at the last moment a promotional event on Final Fantasy 7 Remake that would have to be keep in the day today, the 22nd of February, on one of the main train lines in Tokyo.

According to the report of the events provided by Game Watch, theevent Battle Train FF7 Remake would have to take place between the stations of the Yamanote line of Tokyo, involving all the fans of the series ruolistica in a sort of “interactive scavenger hunt” to take part in with a mobile app for augmented reality. The initiative would have allowed 280 fans receive a souvenir dedicated to Cloud Strifein Tifa Lockhart and the other protagonists of Final Fantasy VII, in addition to 77 other prizes to the winners of a lottery the social.

The alarm of the population and the spread ofthe epidemic by Coronavirus COVID-19 in Japan, thus, has prompted the organizers of the event to decide on the suspension as a precautionary measure, despite Square Enix was enabled in the past few days to ensure to the participants in an aseptic environment and safe on the wagons of the trains chosen to host the initiative.

Who looks forward to the release of the new epic RPG from Square Enix, however, will be able to attend to the scenes of gameplay that will be shown to you by the publisher for japanese in Boston, which in fact confirmed the presence of the Final Fantasy 7 Remake at PAX East 2020.