As now know, even the walls, Henry Cavill plays Geralt of Rivia in the hit TV series The Witcher Netflix and apparently it is not so grumpy as his character, but, on the contrary, is a man with a heart of gold.

Recently, in fact, has given some talismans memorial to his colleagues who have worked with him on the set. One of these talismans has been shared through a photo by Steve Wall, who played Boholt, the leader of the Irreducible Crinfrid. The message of Cavill reports: “A gift to commemorate your hard work, a personal thank you from my part to you, and a talisman to remind you that you were part of the origins of this incredible journey. Be proud of all that you have done to help give life to The Witcher”.

This is not the first time that Cavill pays homage and gives thanks to those who worked with him. The same thing was done for the Superman movie apparently, because in response to the tweet Wall a user has posted an image that depicts the symbol of the super hero with a thank you card.

Aw! Glad to know that he still continue his tradition of giving keepsakes to the people he has worked with. He also gave tokens of appreciation after filming Man Of Steel and BvS. What a sweetheart!?

— Issa Prince (@1andonlyIssa) December 2, 2019

Staying in the theme of The Witcher: you know that the second season will see the presence of One Hivju, the Tormund of The Throne of Swords?

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Source: VG247