The creators of space simulator No Man’s Sky announced that on test servers of the game available experimental update. Get to know him are all owners of the game.
In the list prepared of the changes listed a number of bugs, which are designed to fix update and some improvements optimisation, gameplay and look of the game. However, those who have already got to the server, reported about another innovation.

Some in flight gameplay of the new “Egg” class ship in #NoMansSky #Spoiler Source: shell

— Procedural Traveller (@ProceduralTRV) February 18, 2020

With the installation of the updates in the game can occur in an organic, “living” ships. Players publish images and even videos of the ships of the class Egg (“Egg”). Judging by the title, they will not to build and to grow some of the embryos.
While it is unknown when will the test update is and whether it presents a new class of ships. However, the game already has a vendor with items Void Egg, which gives a special assignment. The mission ends in nothing yet, but probably eventually it will bring players a “real” ships.
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