Creator of “Back to the futureRobert Zemeckis has repeatedly stated that during his lifetime the remake of the cult sci-Fi trilogy will not be filmed, but if such a possibility existed, let’s imagine, who would from modern artists could replace Christopher Lloyd and Michael J. Fox in the new version of the film? Maybe Robert Downey Jr. and Tom Holland?

Both actors have created a surprisingly organic Duo in kynoselen Marvel, and now, thanks to neural networks, we have the opportunity to evaluate them in the images created over 30 years ago. New dippen video shows the scene in high school of the first part of the movie “Back to the future” where Marty and Doc discuss ideas about how to reunite parents-to-McFly. With the help of modern machine-learning techniques based on the image of the author of the video was replaced by Michael J. Fox, who played Marty McFly, Tom Holland, and Christopher Lloyd in the image of his friend-scientist Emmett brown turned into Robert Downey Jr.

Interestingly, the main source of inspiration for Holland during the preparations for the filming of “spider-Man: the homecoming” became Marty McFly. In an interview with the actor once admitted that his goal when creating the new image of Peter Parker was to “try to become Marty McFly of our generation.”

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