As we reported a little while ago, according to recent estimates, the PlayStation 5 could have production costs that range between 400 and 450 dollars, a high cost due to the difficulty in finding some of the key components.

Today, thanks to a report Bloomerg, we’ve learned another detail about the production of PS5: apparently, it seems that Sony has invested a lot in the production of the individual components but, in particular, on the cooling system.

In particular, the big S wants to make sure that the new console generation does not suffer from overheating problems, due to the new chip more powerful and therefore more prone to the generation of heat. Although the news may seem obvious, since all the console manufacturers want to combat the overheating, the report indicates that Sony is spending even more than necessary for this component. Usually, in fact, the cooling system of a console thing less than a dollar: for PlayStation 5 instead, it seems that the company has spent more than a couple of dollars, much more than you invested for the PlayStation 4.

This means that, if the rumor turns out to founded, the cooling system used by the PlayStation 5 will be effective at the cutting edge and allow you to best to prevent the overheating. If this will also involve a console, the more silent, the better.


Of course, being a rumor, better wait for the next official announcement, before leaping into action too. What do you think?

Source: Bloomerg