On the background of rumors about the imminent release of the PC version Horizon: Zero Dawn and transfer more games Sony to PC fans began to wonder, will not suffer this fate is the upcoming sequel to The Last of Us, moreover, recently in a network there was a vacancy at Naughty Dog, indirectly Nemcova on the opportunity.

As it turned out, no. It is just confirmed by the community Director of Studio Arne Meyer in correspondence with users of social network Twitter.

“No, we have the exclusivity with PlayStation. The game comes out in may on PS4 and PS4 Pro” was the response of Meyer on the question of whether there will be The Last of Us: Part II on a PC or “other systems”.

In another tweet from the lead developer of The Last of Us 2 Anthony Newman stated that in 2020, the Studio “will override the concept of AAA games”, and the words Naughty Dog want to believe. Wait for a new masterpiece.

By the way, the developers said that the production of the game in the homestretch. The release will take place on may 29.

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