Despite attempts by Activision to stop the leak of information about the Royal rumble Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, the flow of new information is increasing.
After the start of the new season shooter in the main menu a “secret mode”, however, due to previous leaks of many once it became clear what lies behind the inscription. Then we found the name battle Royale — Warzone.
Well, now some users an unexpected way the menu is unlocked, and they managed to get into the lobby and go through the training. Now we can confidently tell you about the still unannounced Royal rumble shooter:
  • the card is really to jump up to 200 players;
  • the regime for three;
  • as in Apex Legends, allies can point at objects, location and enemies.

Players will be able to adjust the load that can be invoked during a match. It includes weapons, perks, and additional slots for awards for a series of murders — Yes, the Royal rumble will be killstreaks.


On the map you can find the “prey” is the local currency, which at the stations equipment can be purchased various items:

  • rewards for killing like air strike, machine gun and drone
  • equipment like boxes with ammunition and a gas mask (reduces damage outside of the circle)
  • a token for the goods;
  • the “ticket” for the return of a murdered ally.
Earlier it was reported that, in order for the murdered partner should pick up his badge and take him to the ambulance, after which he wakes up in the Gulag, where you have to win a duel one on one with another reborn. Who will win — and he’ll be back.
Maybe the system changed, and now only have to buy rebirth. And perhaps this is a second way to get ally.
During injury there is a chance to stand on their own, if you kill the enemy. Just like in Borderlands;


It is not known when the battle Royale will appear in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. But, apparently, virtually all the necessary files are already included in the current version of the shooter.
In addition, don’t forget that Activision, according to leaks, plans to release a separate mode from Modern Warfare on the shareware distribution model.
Perhaps a full presentation of Call of Duty: Warzone will take place next week.
Passage of training the Royal rumble mirror (Vkontakte)
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