The company Deep Silver, as promised, today returned to Metro: Exodus back in Steam, after the computer version of the shooter for years remained the exclusive store Epic Games Store.

In honor of this event, the publisher has temporarily reduced the cost of the game itself and additions to it. Until the 18th of February the regular version of “Exodus” sell with a 40% discount 959 rubles instead of the standard 1599 rubles, and the gold edition with both add-ons now you can get for 1588 rubles, saving the same 40%.

Separately, a new addition to Sam’s Story the discount received, but the season pass bundled with it available for 749 rubles (-25%). In turn, the first extension is The Two Colonels out of the Season Pass you can get for 191 ruble (-40%).

Other discounts:

  • Metro 2033 Redux – 104 rubles (-75%)
  • Metro: Last Light Redux – 104 rubles (-75%)
  • Metro: Franchise Bundle with all games in the series and DLC – 1820 rubles (-47%)

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