Imagine that you hold in your hands a palette capable of giving life to the dreams. Done? Good, now go back with the mind to your childhood games, when jumping between the walls and the benches of the city you ever imagined chasms filled with lava and bridges. When a flicker of the imagination were more than enough to turn sticks into lightsabers, small differences in height in jumps of mileage, holes in the sand in science fiction spaceships.

The era of the scissors with a rounded tip, the “attack art”, of the imagination free rein. I, the undersigned, for what it’s worth, has always envied anyone who had a special talent for drawing, all those classmates who managed, apparently without effort, giving a pleasant form to any own fancy. But even though I was blatantly denied, I lost hours at mapping the lands of non-existent, the study of intricate mazes and craft ruthless battlefields.

Dreams, Media Molecule is not simply a video game, as well as is not simply a video game editor: is an expressive tool within the reach of all, a tool box equipped with the incredible power to translate the imagination into something real. For more, it’s a palette that takes colours deeply different depending on the person who is on the other side of the screen, be it an aspiring filmmaker, a budding artist, a talented programmer or a simple guy who dreams of learning to draw.

1There are those, crayons in hand, he has rendered great animation of the Starry Night of Van Gogh.

Exploring the “Sogniverso” we expected to dig among dozens of productions to the constant search of adventures valid, but in the flurry of virtual works, we finished to visit art exhibitions, we’re lost in front of the magnetic representations of the Starry Night of Van Gogh, we laid eyes on ambitious short films and small samples of photorealism, then visit us enraptured by the most twisted among the minds of creative people. And it was just visiting the “Haus of Bevis”, a mansion metaphysical nothing short of insane that we realized the potential of Dreams.

It is useless to beat about the bush: Dreams is the best editor in the circulation to allow the user to compete with the creation of a video game, a goal which the project Media Molecule pursues by making it accessible to its extreme complexity. At first glance, this seems to be in front of an intimate space in which anyone is free to express their imagination, and, in fact, the surface layer of the work is precisely this, but in addition the tip of the iceberg hides a huge and intricate labyrinth of axioms to master to perfection in order to create something extraordinary.

In short, it is true that the only limit to the creations lies in the imagination of the author, but the spell will only work if built on a solid foundation of study, patience, and lots and lots of desire to learn. Who was ready to undertake this arduous path, on the other hand, would find waiting for him beyond the endless number of tutorials, all the elements, the colors, the music, and the brushes needed to give life to any dream, no matter how it may seem unattainable.

2There are those who, teacher modeling, she is dedicated to the creation of a small photo-realistic renderings.

The stage chosen by Media Molecule, to present to the world his creature is “The Dream of Art”, a small story mode packed with love in order to show a slice of the potential of the project. Through the story of the life of the jazz musician in crisis, in fact, the developers have embroidered a plot delicious that comes with naturalness between the platform, the graphic adventure, the rhythm game and lots of other contamination.

Are a couple of hours to read and at the same time intense, which can also act as a showcase for the technical the engine, they also highlight the unexpected aesthetic of the arts. The Dream of Art does not communicate, only that it is possible to mix music and gameplay, to weave narrative and the action or stage levels and bosses worthy of a production of industry, but above all that you can do so with an instrument of respect, able to bring together the atmosphere of the cartoon with that of the large current figurative, until you reach photorealism.

The melancholy tale of Art and narrative on the background of the fantasy, flashbacks and gameplay that alternates between shooting and puzzles in the span of a blink of an eye, however, is a tiny grain of sand in the vast beach of dreams of Dreams. Because, despite the effectiveness of the main campaign, is just putting the foot in the Sogniverso that you are aware of the creative revolution pursued by Media Molecule.

3There are people who want to push to the maximum the engine, playing with the lighting and moving closer to the limit graph.

Tons of demake questionable, and many fossils dating back to the interminable period of early access, stand out creations nothing short of incredible, and we’re not talking about only video games in the traditional sense. There are those who had to build the Minas Tirith of the Lord of The Rings scale one-to-one, others have modeled gourmet meals and a wealth of details that challenge the photorealism, yet others are put to the test in the implementation of real and their short films digital.

Just a quick dip in the windows selected by Media Molecule to discover prototypes of FPS from the impression of cyberpunk, crazy multiplayer experiences, ambitious, racing, arcade, beautiful walking simulator, and who more has of it more puts of it), a riot of dreams born only by the first, timid approach to the tool. The nature of the sandbox of Dreams, on the other hand, represents a weak point: in spite of the feeling of awe that accompanies the first confrontation with each of the mechanical original, it is evident that the real potential of the work are intended to explode only with the passage of time.

And to become artisans of dreams is not only time, but also a lot of dedication and a good dose of talent. Because despite the immediacy of the interface and the tutorial for images, untie the knots of logic programming remains an operation that is ever more complex. Of course, there are hundreds of lessons do you think, for example, to explain in detail the timeline, keyframe, properties, and physics of the characters, however, it is very easy to underestimate the commitment necessary for the creation of a banal mini-game clean and working.

Also the eye wants its part and, why not, even the ear. So come on to the scene the tool for three dimensional modeling and the software for audio composition, both of which are nothing short of excellent, and very close to the professional experience, but precisely for this reason equally complicated. All this is to say that, after a day of full immersion, and dozens of tutorials, we are not yet able to take the reins of what is, without a shadow of a doubt, the editor is more profound in the circulation.

4There are those who prefer to devote himself to architecture, for example by making the famous White City in a scale of one-to-one.

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The only real flaw of the experience is the system of checks, which is as a dancer and inaccurate, so much through the use of motion sensors as for the middle of the DualShock, and it is inevitable that additional three-dimensional models, to pause to think how much a simple mouse or a graphic tablet, could facilitate the life of the creative. Our hope, in fact, is to see the land, the tools Media Molecule also on PC, has for decades now been the domicile chosen by the modder the more passionate and determined.

Of the remainder, to the increase of the freedom of expression corresponds to an inevitable increase in the complexity of the tool, and we don’t hide that there has toyed with the idea of watch, one day, to the birth of a video game cult developed only through Dreams. After years of investment and sacrifice in the name of an idea, Media Molecule has put at the disposal of users everything that he had promised, to a certain extent even more, and we are certain that the project is expected to grow exponentially over the course of the next few years.

Inaugurated by Dreams is a path that speaks of the democratization of video games, a translation of the virtual path taken by YouTube in the world of audiovisual media. Now that pencils, brushes and sheets of paper are within the reach of all, it is only a matter of time before a young Michelangelo to the world of his creation. But the truth is that you don’t need masterpieces: it is more than just a child with Dreams is free to give vent to the creativity and to give substance to their dreams. A child who, one day, it could become a great game designer.