Dreams of Media Molecule is a powerful tool that allows players of the PlayStation 4 to literally create whatever they wish. Projects the most popular are of course the remake of the other titles, and many have seized the opportunity to create something amazing.

The Twitter user TooshiTV, for example, has managed to recreate in 3D, so enough of the faithful, the Pelican Town of Stardew Valley, indie title from the huge success.

The playback is really cured in every detail, between the trees, bushes and fences. The Pelican Town of Dreams can be explored in the first person but, unfortunately, it is not possible to enter in the various houses that decorate it. Nevertheless, the inhabitants are present, and you can spend a little time with them all.

Now that Dreams is finally available on the PS4, you can download the map at this address and try it out for himself, this, like many other creations made by people all over the world.

Just finished 3D Pelican Town #MadeInDreams pic.twitter.com/Bn3gWl1SiL

— Tooshi (@TooshiTV) February 13, 2020

What do you say? Do you like this Pelican Town 3D? What other games deserve a remake “Made in Dreams”?

Source: Polygon