The animated series Netflix dedicated to Castlevania, the popular video game from Konami, will be back soon on the streaming platform with a third season that promises to be even more full of action and blood.

Thanks to a trailer, visible below, we see the return of the main characters, Trevor Belmont, Sypha Belnades , and Alucard, engaged again in the fight against evil: this time, however, the enemy will not be Dracula, but a number of new demons, some of them very familiar to fans of Castlevania.

The video not only confirms the action and adrenaline of the previous two seasons were pregnant, but also reveals the release date of the third season, scheduled for next march 5, 2020, in less than a month. Remember that Castlevania Season 3 will have 10 episodes and that, thanks to the success of the previous seasons, you can count on a budget slightly higher.

If you are not more in the skin, so here’s the official trailer for the launch:

What do you think? Going to watch it?

Source: Polygon