Ubisoft after the announcement of the extension of “Warriors of new York” suddenly started to sell The Division 2 for the low, low price of 99 rubles in the Epic Games Store (until March 3) and 149 rubles at Ubisoft Store (until 17 February).
And in the USA the game on all platforms for a few days sell for $ 3 (about 190 rubles), whereas in Russia (and Europe) discounts were not as large: on the PC first sold for a few hundred rubles, and on the consoles — about 700 rubles.
But today, something changed, and Ubisoft have lowered the price several times. So far, however, only on the PC.
It is remarkable that in the Epic Games Store, you can buy the game with the upcoming expansion just for 1099 rubles, while the addition of separately sold for 1499 rubles.
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