Gran Turismo Sport of Polyphony Digital was launched in October 2017, and continues to be a successful title. However, it is perhaps surprising to learn that the simulator ride has over 8.2 million players. Producer Kazunori Yamauchi has revealed during his presentation of the opening to the GT Sport, the World Tour of Sydney.

It is interesting to note that Yamauchi has stated that the 9 millionth account was registered recently (referring to the number of players banned from the launch). Other interesting statistics include 25.5 billion of miles or 41 billion of kilometres travelled by launch. Almost a billion races were held so far, with an average speed of in 84.2 miles per hour.

Even more crazy is the fact that 37 million photographs have been taken by players in the last 11 months. In this period of time were also created about 30 million of the liveries of the vehicles. The Gran Turismo Sport is currently available on PS4 and is getting more new content: the last update was in November 2019 and has added several new cars, a new circuit and much more to the game.


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Source: GamingBolt